Money tree plant goes by a host of names, including Malabar chestnut, saba nut, Bombax glabrum, monguba and French peanut. Over-watering Do not over-water your Money tree, as doing so can cause brown spots to form, especially around the tips of … If placed in very low light, yellow leaves may develop. Chinese money plant bugs: help! You need to move it to a pot which drains. Pests. Although the presence of the occasional creepy crawly thing shouldn’t be too damaging to your plant, a severe infestation can be dangerous. A: Money tree plants thrive on humidity. Money tree is relatively free of problems, but may develop yellow or brown spots on leaves under certain conditions. The problem with your plant is probably caused by a scale or mealy bug insect infestation. These plants like to dry out. Get rid of the rocks. Money tree sticky leaves . If scale insect you should see small (1/16 to 1/8 inch) brown or yellow lumps on the leaves surrounded or covered with a sticky “honey dew”. Now that you know how to rejuvenate your plant, let’s talk about how you can keep this from becoming a problem for your Money Tree again in the future: by placing it in the proper location. A weakened or stressed Money Tree is more susceptible to insect infestations. Your Money Tree can adapt to low light areas, their growth may slow. Dozens of scientists say those trees might do more harm than good. The Money tree is generally a relatively hardy plant, well-suited to indoor care or outdoor care in sufficiently warm climates, with just a few potential problems. It’s said to bring good luck and is a popular plant for using with feng shui principles. Your money tree can also lose leaves due to too much or too little water, so if there isn’t an easily identified culprit, feel free to send us a photo of your plant so we can help diagnose the problem with our grower team. Bugs are a common problem with houseplants in general and unfortunately Pilea peperomioides is not exempt from this. In Davos, the World Economic Forum launched a campaign to plant 1 trillion trees. This problem quickly manifests itself by yellowing leaflets and fronds. If the problems with the plants leaves happened suddenly I doubt it is due to Chlorosis so sunburn is possibly the culprit. If your pot is not draining, you will kill the whole tree. From shiny, hand-shaped leaves to pretty braided trunks, the money tree is a can’t-miss indoor plant. Sometimes these braided trees lose a trunk or two but unless you repot the plant you could lose the whole tree. Sap-sucking bugs like spider mites can drain your plant of moisture. I agree with what Dr. Dawg/Ken suggested, the plant should be moved away from any vent that blows air (hot or cold) which will can cause the plants soil to dry very quickly. Q: Is My Money Tree Plant Getting Enough Humidity? I would repot the plant depending on your growing conditions.
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