Failure to comply with the instructions or directives of the course instructor. Below are some basic definitions and examples of academic misconduct. Cheating Disturbances in the classroom can also serve to create an unfair academic advantage for oneself or disadvantage for another member of the academic community.  Below are some examples of events that may violate the Code of Student Conduct: Support the Center for Student Conduct | UC Berkeley Homepage. Contaminating laboratory samples or altering indicators during a practical exam, such as moving a pin in a dissection specimen for an anatomy course. endstream endobj 89 0 obj <. This might involve buying either the whole or part of an assessment, for example from an auction site or essay mill. Academic Misconduct in coursework includes plagiarism, self-plagiarism, collusion, using an external writing service such as a ghost writer or essay mill, or acting dishonestly. Paraphrasing of another person’s characteristic or original phraseology, metaphor, or other literary device without acknowledgment. Examples of misconduct In our example of clinical misconduct, no one would officially acknowledge having heard the whistle and nothing was done to remedy the problem. Below are types of academic misconduct with examples of each.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Academic misconduct is any action or attempted action that may result in creating an unfair academic advantage for oneself or an unfair academic advantage or disadvantage for any other member or members of the academic community. Preprogramming a calculator to contain answers or other unauthorized information for exams. Decision-making staff will be appropriately trained, enabling the consistent and fair application of these Regulations. Submission of the same assignment for more than one course without prior approval of all the instructors involved.   Contact Information: Sproul 201R, 203-207 Cheating is committing fraud and/or deception on a record, report, paper, computer assignment, examination, or any other course requirement. Among the more recent incidents of alleged misconduct is that of the immunologist Cao Xuetao, president of Nankai University in Tianjin, who faces questions about image manipulation in dozens of papers produced by laboratories that he leads. Selling, distributing, website posting, or publishing course lecture notes, handouts, readers, recordings, or other information provided by an instructor, or using them for any commercial purpose without the express permission of the instructor. Further information on good academic practice and the appropriate use of sources can be found in the statement on Working with academic integrity (pdf - 107KB) Template 15 – Chair of SASIC letter inviting student to hearing. For example: 1. if you are an international student on a student visa and are suspended or excluded from the University, you may lose your eligibility to remain in Australia 2. if you have a scholarship, you may risk losing it or having to repay it 3. if, in the future, you seek professional accreditation that involves the assessment of ‘good character’ (such as in law, nursing or accounting), you may be required to disclose whether you have been the subject of an investigation of academic misconduct, regardless of the outco… Disruption of classes or other academic activities in an attempt to stifle academic freedom of speech. Examples of academic misconduct include but are not limited to the following: Cheating. Grade of 0 for the subject; Work marked down in accordance with a specified percentage; Serious Academic Misconduct: Suspension from the University for up to three years; Exclusion from the University without readmission; Referral to the police in cases of fraud Academic misconduct is any activity that tends to compromise the academic integrity of the institution or undermine the education process. We can help you to write a response and help you gather evidence. Here are other examples of academic misconduct: Interfering with course materials: Removing, defacing, or deliberately keeping from other students library materials that are on reserve for specific courses. 3. For example by failing to correctly acknowledge others’ ideas and work as sources of information in an assignment, and neglecting use of quotation marks. Forgery of an instructor’s signature on a letter of recommendation or any other document. Interference with the course of instruction to the detriment of other students. Current Statute, Regulations and related Resolutions and Notices provides more examples of misconduct. Persistent lateness for work without good reason. The academic misconduct prohibited by this policy includes the following conduct defined below: cheating, deception, exploitation, facilitation, plagiarism, sabotage, and stealing. %%EOF Plagiarism is the most common and best known example of academic misconduct, and is increasingly a problem within higher education. Examples. Any reference to the Head of School is to be taken to include a reference to a Head of School or Department or to a member of staff authorised by the Head of School or Department to act on their behalf (such as an Academic Misconduct Officer), which can include a delegate at the International Campuses. Use of the views, opinions, or insights of another without acknowledgment. Postgraduate Research and Postgraduate Taught students who have committed offences other than plagiarism or collusion (e.g. If you are accused of academic misconduct (cheating) you may be excluded from the University. 1. Communicating answers with another person during an exam. %PDF-1.5 %���� �$X�@�9 ��="�@Jn�e �$@����D��be`bdx�e`�&�q�� �V Detailed definitions and examples of academic misconduct are shown in Appendix 3. Individual departments at the University of California, Berkeley, may have differing expectations for students, so students are responsible for seeking out information when unsure of what is expected. Plagiarism is defined as use of intellectual material produced by another person without acknowledging its source, for example: False Information and Representation, Fabrication or Alteration of Information. Academic misconduct is dishonest or unethical academic behavior that includes, but is not limited to, misrepresenting mastery in an academic area (e.g., cheating), failing to properly credit information, research, or ideas to their rightful originators or representing such information, research, or ideas as your own (e.g., plagiarism). The level of experience that the student has during their studies is understood as evidence that they were aware that their behaviour does not meet UWS standards and practices. Plagiarism is the presentation of another person’s work as the student’s own, without proper acknowledgement of the source, with or without the creator’s permission, intentionally or unintentionally. If you have questions, ask your instructor, the Associate Dean Prior to sending a letter to a student, we ask that you call the Dean of Students Office to review, answer any questions you may have and to review any previous misconduct reports that may be on file. The University of Waterloo takes academic integrity very seriously. Failing to identify yourself honestly in the context of an academic obligation. Examination Misconduct. Taking an exam for another person or having someone take an exam for you. Cheating – when students act dishonestly or unfairly before, during or after an examination or test in order to gain an advantage, or assist another student to do so. Collaborating on an exam or assignment with any other person without prior approval from the instructor. Providing false or misleading information to an instructor or any other University official. Copying or attempting to copy from others during an exam or on an assignment. Academic misconduct is the violation of college policies by tampering with grades or by obtaining and/or distributing any part of a test or assignment. Below are some examples of events that may violate the Code of Student Conduct: Interference with the course of instruction to the detriment of other students. If you are sent a letter by the university informing you of academic misconduct in one of yourassessments, you will need to make sure that you read the allegation letter sent to you carefully, along with the turnitin report.
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